Proposal Planning

Breathe a sigh of relief!  I am here to assist you in creating the most memorable start to your journey of forever!

The engagement story is one of the most anticipated stories you will ever share with family and friends!  We can help you create a beautiful, long lasting memory of this once in a lifetime event!
By taking a short survey, provided by Corinthians Ministry-I will have the opportunity to get to know you, your partner and all of the wonderful things that make your relationship so special.  The more I learn about the two of you, the better suited I am to create your perfect proposal! 
The way you propose will be remembered forever.  The moment, the timing, everything must be unique and personalized!  You can upgrade the engagement ring but you can never change a memory. 
Allow Corinthians Ministry to customize your perfect proposal!

Picnic in the park proposal

Enjoy a romantic picnic for two at the location of your choice! Leave the set up to my team!  Propose while enjoying the views as the sun sets.  Present your love with a beautiful bouquet of flowers after the proposal.

Gondola Marriage Proposal

Relax on a private gondola ride through a gorgeous lake arranged by my Team!  Sip on champagne and enjoy your favorite chocolates as the two of you snuggle and take in the moment.  Serenade is available as well!

A candlelit proposal

While enjoying an evening stroll in a pre-determined location, the 2 of you will stumbe across a beautifully lit scene!  Moon light, candle light and you asking for forever!  Present your love with a beautiful bouquet of flowers after the proposal.

Horse Drawn Carriage Marriage proposal

Enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride with the love of your life through your favorite town!  Propose in the carriage or stop at a pre-determined location of your choice.  Present your love with a beautiful bouquet of flowers after the proposal.

Hotel room makeover proposal

Allow my Team and I to transform your hotel room into a romantic getaway for two!  Your room will be decorated with LED candles and pictures of you both with music of your choice playing softly in the background.  Champagne and toasting flutes are provided!

Musical serenade!

Enjoy a walk with your unsuspecting partner to the location of your choice.  As you are approached by a musician, your partner will be given a beautiful bouquet of flowers and both of you will enjoy being serenaded by the song of your choice.  When the song comes to an end, it's time to get down on one knee and propose!

Custom Tailored Marriage Proposal

No one knows better than you how to create your partner's dream proposal!  Allow me to sit down with you and create a proposal specifically tailored for the two of you!  Together we will find the perfect location and vendors will be carefully selected by your professional planner, me!  Enjoy a stress free proposal by allowing me to handle all of the details.