Adult Only Weddings

Jennifer Leigh DiMarco

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

This is a highly debated topic this year and one that causes a lot of stress on couples planning their wedding.  Many parents will jump at the chance for a night out sans children.  Even so, this can be a sensitive topic so be upfront about who is actually invited to your wedding but not in your face, tacky on the invite.  Ask your parents and wedding party to help field any genuine concerns or hurt feelings that will surely arise after the invitations are sent out.  Acknowledge their response and express desire for their attendance.  

Things to consider:

Nursing parents

Parents of Special needs children

Age target of acceptable children (i.e. 16 and over)

Be firm:

Be polite but firm at the same time.  Acknowledge hurt feelings but be firm in your decision, after all this is your day.  

Alternative ways for Parents to attend your ceremony while still keeping it Adults only:

Hire a sitter for all attending small children.  

Have someone SKYPE your ceremony (on silent of course)

I'd love to hear your feedback on Adult Only Weddings!