All That Sparkles and Shines

Jennifer Leigh DiMarco

Thursday, July 09, 2015

The engagement ring.  A permanent symbol of the most important relationship in your life.  Legend dictates that in 1477, a lovestruck Austrian, Archduke Maximilian, came up with a gem of an idea: why not give Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring to celebrate their imminent engagement?  He placed it on the third finger of her left hand-the rest is ancient history!  Women dream of their engagement ring, need proof?  Just browse through your best friend's Pinterest boards!  What is it about your engagement ring that makes you smile?  Is it the cut?  The clarity?  The color?  The carat?  Is it a family heirloom?  A one of a kind original design?  Engraved maybe?  Every engagement ring has a story to tell, given with love-worn with adoration and pride.  Did you pick out your ring?  Did he surprise you with it?  Take a moment today to reflect on the day you became engaged, on the pride you felt as the band slid on your finger and maybe squeeze him just a little bit tighter, for a little bit longer when he gets home today.  

Ladies I would love for you to share with me what makes your engagement ring so special!  Feel free to even include a picture!