Surprise Weddings!

Jennifer Leigh DiMarco

Friday, July 10, 2015

Surprise Weddings-if you haven't been a guest at one, surely you have heard of them!  The clever Bride and Groom lure their family and friends to a location of their choice under false pretenses only to surprise their guests with their actual plans-TO TIE THE KNOT!  For many couples the planning phase of a traditional wedding is not a task they are looking forward to or perhaps their busy schedules will not allow it.  With a surprise wedding there is no Wedding Party, no worries if the must have Wedding Venue is free on a particular date.  There is simply family, friends, food and fun-and oh yeah, a wedding!  So how do you throw a surprise wedding? 1. Zip Your Lips:
The hardest part about having a surprise wedding? Keeping it a secret! 2. Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator:
 It's important to put someone (not family or friends-that will ruin the surprise!) in charge. Even more than a traditional wedding, a surprise wedding will have unexpected situations pop up, so you need to be sure there is a substantial amount of planning and a key point person to help facilitate everything. 3. Create a Cover Event:
To ensure a great turnout, you'll need to dream up a creative decoy. "Milestone birthday parties, anniversaries or even faux engagement parties are all important events that guests will likely attend. 4. Forgo (Most) Formalities:
If you're throwing a surprise wedding, you are probably not the most traditional couple so you're bash shouldn't be either. Try thinking outside of the fancy dinner reception. Do mini desserts and champagne cocktails, or make it even more casual with a backyard luau theme. 5. Let Your Vendors in on the Secret:
Don't forget to tell all your vendors you're throwing a surprise wedding. There would be nothing worse than your guests overhearing the band ask the headwaiter when the wedding ceremony is going to begin? (Can you say party fail?!) 

Would you have the guts to throw a Surprise Wedding?  Have you attended a Surprise Wedding?  I would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment!