Vendor Meals

Jennifer Leigh DiMarco

Thursday, October 01, 2015

The 411 on Vendor Meals!

I get asked about Vendor Meals quite often and many times I have to inform Brides about Vendor Meals because many have never considered feeding their vendors when organizing their wedding.

 Here is what I am going to cover on this topic:

  • Who gets a Vendor Meal
  • What they are fed
  • The cost

  1.  Who gets a Vendor Meal?

Typically, anyone who has been at the wedding for more than 5 hours should receive a vendor meal.  For instance, your photographer and assistants, videographer and crew, your wedding planning team, your DJ or band.

2. What do I serve my Vendor?

It doesn't have to be the steak and lobster you are feeding your guests but it must be a hot meal.  This is especially important for health reasons to avoid salmonella and ecoli-who knows how long those cold cuts have been sitting out?  Remember-a fed vendor is a happy vendor! Your vendors are on their feet for 8-12 hours working hard to bring you an incredible experience on your wedding day, keep them fed and happy!

3. The Cost

Be sure to reach out to your caterer for pricing details when it comes to vendor meals, many times the caterer will give you a discounted plated rate!

I hope this helps!  My love to you all and Happy October 1st!